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Detach & Reset

Aggie Solar Panel Detach & Reset

Our Aggie Solar Detach and Reset Team is comprised of highly
skilled professionals who specialize in the seamless removal and re-installation
of solar panels. We understand the importance of preserving your investment and
ensuring the utmost precision during the process.

Here’s how our meticulous step-by-step approach guarantees a successful project:

Documenting Current Design and Layout: Our team begins by thoroughly
documenting the current design and layout of your solar system. This ensures
that we maintain the same configurations during the re-installation process,
maximizing efficiency and performance.

Surveying and Identifying Issues: Prior to removal, we conduct a comprehensive
survey, meticulously inspecting for any damage or potential issues. We take
detailed photographs to provide a thorough assessment of the system’s condition
before the detachment process.

Creating an Official Estimate and Pre-Approval: Based on our assessment, we
create an official estimate for the removal and re-installation. We work closely
with you and your insurance provider to secure pre-approval, streamlining the
financial aspects of the project.

Safe Removal and Handling: Our team takes great care in safely removing and handling the solar panels. We
collaborate with you to find suitable storage and protection solutions during
the period when the panels are off.

Coordinating and Scheduling for Seamless Completion: Communication is key to a
smooth project, which is why we coordinate and schedule with both you and your
roofing contractor. This ensures minimal disruption and maximum ease during the
entire process.

Precise Reinstallation and Thorough Testing:
Our experts reassemble and reinstall the solar system with meticulous
attention to detail. We conduct thorough testing to ensure there are no leaks
in the roof and that the electrical components are functioning optimally,
providing you with a seamless transition back to renewable energy generation.

We stand behind the quality of our work, which is why we offer a comprehensive

10-year warranty

on our services. Our commitment to excellence and customer
satisfaction drives us to deliver exceptional results.

Trust the Aggie Solar Detach and Reset Team to handle your solar panel
removal and reinstallation needs with the utmost professionalism, expertise,
and care. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and schedule a